Saturday, December 09, 2006

Weekend Update


Last night, Mr. Electric and Dr. Funstuff held their annual holiday party. In past years, this party has been rife with scandal, and this year was no exception. While tearing up the dance floor, one of the guests of honour went ass over teakettle (over DLang) and landed on her face, resulting in a trip to the emergency room. Today's update: An hour and 2 stitches after arriving at the ER, she was back in business, apparently out drinking until 4am. Sue, you're an inspiration to us all. Meanwhile, back at the Fortress of Fun, there was an incident involving the Lego Death Star Lego, a candle, two shirtless men, and an explosion. The staff photographer was on hand, so we should have pictures shortly. Be afraid.

The lovely couple pictured here are Blake and Allison. Blake puts the Flo in Flocabulary, and Allison doesn't care if you spell her name with one "l" or two (but as my readers know, UFF is all about accuracy). Also, Allison and Brianna both look really cute in red dresses.


This morning I went to the local greenmarket to purchase the Langenberg Family Christmas Tree: 2006 Edition. A lovely Fraser Fir beckoned from the edge of the lot, and as the tree guy was sawing off the trunk for me, a woman walked up to inquire about the cost of evergreens.

Woman: How much are the trees?
Tree Guy: $10 per foot.
Woman (pointing to an 8' tree): How much would that one be?
Tree Guy: $80.

The woman walked away. I looked down at my 6' tree and panicked.

Gillian: Um, how much is this tree?
Tree Guy: $40. She was wearing fur--she can afford to pay more.

Lesson learned: Dress down for the greenmarket.

And finally, this afternoon I headed to Wall St. to assist at yoga teacher training. On the way to the subway afterwards, I passed the New York Stock Exchange, which is all dolled up for the holiday season. USA! #1!

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