Monday, May 07, 2007

Goals: Week 1

Marathon training starts next weekend (hooray!) and I thought that Sunday evening might be a good time to update UFF with my progress. I also thought I'd share my weekly non-training goals as well! As DC Dave would say, I'm a giver.

Inspired by Billiam, here, then, are this week's to-dos:

DONE 1. Put up new shelf. I consider affixing things securely to walls to be one of my superpowers, and this wall is my kryptonite. I've tried using regular plastic anchors (denied) and then with a toggle bolt. I believe the screw was too short (that's what she said) because on the first try, the entire mechanism fell into the wall, and on the second try, I had to hold the head of the screw with pliers and even then couldn't get it in far enough to get the toggle to grip. (That all sounds incredibly dirty.) I just found this handy site in case you're interested in more information about wall anchors.

NOT DONE 2. Bring my lunch to work (at least 4 times). I went to the greenmarket on Saturday and have a FreshDirect order arriving tomorrow morning, so I have the raw materials. In fact, I'd like to up this to not buying any food during the day for at least 3 days. After all, I just spent $60 on spoons.

DONE 3. Wash the floor of the Bachelorette Pad.

NOT DONE 4. Brush Memphis.

DONE 5. Repot the herbs (and tomato plant) I bought at the greenmarket.

NOT DONE 6. Update Quicken. (I will procrastinate the hell out of this one.)

NOT DONE 7. Write a real, honest-to-god letter (lucky recipient TBD).

DONE 8. Figure out Mother's Day gifts and such.

NOT DONE 9. Run the Prospect Park loop at least 3 times.

NOT DONE 10. Finish the mix CD for Ali & Bri.

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Try these Billy Mays is never wrong!