Friday, May 04, 2007

Cuts Both Ways

DLang and Little Lisa went for a run tonight. Later, we discussed.

"Do you realize that you are exactly twice Little Lisa's age?"

"Well, not exactly, I mean, she's about to turn twen--"

"I know but right now she's 19! And you're 38!"

"Huh." [Translation: I don't like to know that it is possible for a fully-formed adult human being to be half my age.]

"Isn't that crazy?"

"Yeah, it is kind of crazy. If I were really irresponsible, I could actually be her father."

"Or her boyfriend!"

[Long pause.] "Yeah, that would be pretty irresponsible."

1 comment:

Lisa said...

HAHAH. Did DLang and I go for a run? Or "for a run"?
...putting anyting in quotes makes is a euphemism... right?