Friday, May 18, 2007

Gillian Likes To

I know memes are to real writers what Sandra Lee's "cooking" is to real chefs, however, this one was too hilare to pass up.

Instructions: Google "[yournamehere] likes to" (keep the quotes!) and note the top 10 results.

1. Dr Gillian likes to call them ‘essential thinny acids’ and that is why she refers to hemp as ‘the weight loss seed’.
2. Gillian likes to watch movies and play games.
3. Gillian likes to Pout.
4. Gillian likes to examine the poop best in a tupperware sandwich box! [Gillian is cracking up over here.]
5. Gillian likes to grab her feet almost as mu ch as. she likes to grab a barga i n . [Gillian can't explain the extra spaces.]
6. gillian likes to be called gill or gilly or gillybean
7. Gillian likes to walk about - we go for walks often. ... In her spare time, Gillian likes to have tea and scones (well, I'm sure she would if she liked tea) ...
8. Gillian likes to ice ski
9. Gillian likes to unwind here from the hustle and bustle of busy city living.
10. Gillian likes to immerse herself in her photography at all times and is a member of the Welshpool camera club where she has won various prizes for her landscape and macro work.

P.S. Sometimes Googling your own name is downright freaky.


Anonymous said...

All the similarities with that other Gillian? Seriously freaky.

Becca & Brian said...

So Google tells me I like to lick things.

Funny shit, G.

Lisa said...

right down the david and dundas... thats a bit much gillian perry!