Saturday, May 05, 2007

Retail Therapy

Earlier this week I saw these Bird Measuring Spoons on I looked at them longingly for a few minutes then surfed away, reasoning that it would be entirely unreasonable to spend $60 (with discounts and such) on a set of measuring spoons.

Later that day, I clicked back over and bought the spoons. They arrived today, and I honestly wish I'd bought 3 more sets because they are SO BEAUTIFUL, and I know that Sirrah! (among others) would also adore them.


Lisa said...

I quite like them. I indulged in some retail therapy today too... I went to H&M and some how ended up with 2 sundresses(black for my sister, green/blue for me), 2 t-shirts (turquoise and brown), 2... other kind of shirt (blue and brown) and v-neck (brown). I got home and realized my whole closet is basically brown and blue (or sometimes green). I'll need more retail therapy tomorrow to fix that!

kajal said...

I really love these spoons too.