Sunday, March 15, 2009

Guest Blogger: Memphis

This afternoon I received an email update from SunnyMemphis.
NB: This is Sunny's third time sending email, ever. She is 77.

from Sunny
to Gillian
date Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 1:02 PM
subject memphisupdate

ivetried to get the old woman to do this but she just gets that glassyeyed look as if to say '' a computer oh my no t me.....i ain't doin' that... soooo i guess i'll just have to play little red hen..this isn't such a ba place---just lonesome without you. The old woman talks to me ,feeds me on time, cleans my litter box, brushes me daily but IT'S THOSE CONFOUNDED OTHER FOUR LEGGEDS. The other day they went downstairs for their before bed treat. SO I went down and sat on the steps.When they tried to come upstairs I gave them my best hissy hiaay.They both backed off and I smiled happily. They both went into the bathroom with the old woman.Then Duke came out and started up the stairs----I hissed and hissed---H just totally ignored me and breezed on by.So much for hissing--he's a saucy brat. So Ill keep you up to date. Miss you both and love you Memphis.


Adam Wishneusky said...

oh my god, that's hilarious! I love it :)

Lisa said...

Oh Memphy! You have a funny funny cat.

Anonymous said...

That old woman beats all!! Memphis--well we know she is a charmer--will have those 2 four-leggeds romping before long!!

Anonymous said...

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