Sunday, March 29, 2009

¡Hola! Me llamo Gillon.

Hooray! We finally figured out our phones! As an added bonus, my old Razr works here, thanks to AT&T providing the unlock code. (T-Mobile can suck it: They wouldn't provide the code for the phone I used when I had service with them for YEARS, because it has been more than 90 days since I was a customer.) As another added bonus, Ken used the wonderous information on the interwebs to figure out how to unlock his iPhone. I'm not doing that yet because I'm still too nervous to carry mine around (see: CRIME).

Anyhoots, we also muddled through the phone company's Spanish website to figure out how to add credit to our phones. However, on logging in, we learned that our names didn't translate very well. I've already discovered that my name is particularly difficult here. If you were to pronounce it in Argentine Spanish, it would sound something like "Hee-zhee-an," where "zh" is kind of the "s" sound in "casual." In phonetic Spanish, I'd probably have to spell my name something like "Chilian" or "Jilian." When I bought my SIM card I wrote my name down to make it easier for the guy working at the store, but it still ended up on their website as "Gillon." Hee.

With our newfound cellular technology, we can actually leave the house separately now! We might even figure out how to get another set of keys made at some point. Exciting times indeed.

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