Saturday, March 21, 2009

Helados, Gatos, Y Un Conejo Blanco

After a late dinner last night at an excellent restaurant/wine bar, that, for appetizers, entrees, desserts, and wine, topped out at a whopping $35 per person (a splurge for those of us who are unemployed, but hopefully incentive for you people with jobs to visit!), I finally slept in this morning until after 10. We lounged around in our pajamas, drinking coffee and eating bread and cheese until around 2, when we finally ventured out to complete our previously-thwarted attempt to buy a SIM card.

On our outing we met a big albino bunny who lives in a Chinese restaurant a few blocks away. We named him Ferdinand. We then walked over to the Botanical Garden where porteños [locals] leave their unwanted house cats. I wanted to pet them all, and Ken wanted to hose me down before I came back into the apartment. We ate some delicious ice cream, and picked up a few bottles of cerveza which we're now enjoying while we kill time before dinner, which won't be until 9 or 10 p.m.

I also learned that neither of the 2 old cell phones I had are unlocked, but it turns out that quick phone calls to AT&T and T-Mobile yielded the requisite unlock codes, for free! Good times. So now we have a phone! We also have a landline and Skype, so we're all kinds of connected.


kajal said...

just make sure you do not mix up conejos for cojones, like i did when studying in spain. you get some weird looks. and clicking into make this comment, i saw my face on your flicker stream, making a very weird face at essex. nice pictures though!

Anonymous said...

wow, it's not even a week and such adventures! sucks about the wallet. and the big bug. but things seem to be looking up!thinking of you lots!