Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fruit of the Day: Pinha

After trying today's fruit, the pinha, or sugar-apple, I may have to retool the UFF Fruit Ratings, because guys? This fruit is DELICIOUS. It may well be the most delicious fruit I have ever eaten.

As has been the case with many Fruits of the Day, the pinha doesn't look like much, kind of like a closed, green pinecone. When we first picked it up it was much squishier than either of us expected (we both thought it would be hard, kind of like a shell). We also had no idea what to expect from its insides, and again, they didn't look like much. The pinha is filled with hard black seeds, each of which is encased in white pulp. The consistency of the pulp is similar to that of the cajú or a soft banana, kind of puddingy. And it tastes just like custard. We took different approaches to its consumption: Ken used a spoon to scoop out several seeds at once, while I pulled out one seed at a time and ate the fruit before spitting out the seed. And we both can't wait to have another one.
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Adam Wishneusky said...

Why can't we transmit food over the Intertubes?

Elizabeth said...

Loving all these fruity posts. We always called this one a custard apple when I was growing up. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Ohh I remember this fruit. We call it Anon in Spanish. There is anotehr fruit called "Chirimoya" which is a meatier/sweeter version of the Pinha. If you can try it, you'll love it.


montague said...

who would have thunk it? it sure doesn't look delicious, but i am glad it was!

Aden said...

Greatt post