Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A 5 Mile Race

Last night I trekked up to Central Park for my final Tuesday GTS with the Summer 2006 Marathon Team. (Next week we have sendoff, and the following week I'll already be in California, wondering why I didn't sign up to run the nice flat Chicago Marathon.) Ramon reminded us that the marathon is <3 weeks away (holy crap!) and that we should all be freaking out. Check!

He then announced that the evening's practice would be 3 lower (1.7M) loops, run as a race, and paced as we would pace a race. Pretty straightforward. I ran with Denise, who runs about the same pace as me (maybe a little faster, which is good) and we finished in 48:23, with even splits of the 1.7. I felt a little tired in the last loop, and as usual I'm pretty sure I should hold back more at the start to make sure I have enough juice left to kick it at the end. I'll be able to practice pacing more at this weekend's event.

I was feeling a little under the weather when I woke up this morning (sore throat, sniffles) so I'm going to stay well-hydrated today and get to bed early tonight. There will be no pre-marathon illness! I also had nightmares last night about handstands, of all things. (I was practicing before bed so I guess it isn't that surprisng, but it was rather disconcerting anyway!)

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