Sunday, October 01, 2006

Body Glide: A Girl's Best Friend

Last week's 20 miles left me with a lot of nasty chafing, particularly around the edges of my sports bra. This week I very generously applied Body Glide, and had a relatively chafe-free day! Yay for Body Glide!

Oh, and while I was out in Jersey running on the trails, DLang ran his longest distance yet - 6.2 miles! - so that he could say that together we ran a marathon. Hee!

The marathon is 3 short weeks away, so now we're in the tapering phase. How nice. Next weekend I plan to run the ING New York City Marathon Tune-Up (probably just 12 miles), and the weekend after that the Oktoberfest 10k in Waterloo. Then, I fly to California to relax for a few days before the marathon!

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