Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Who's Freaking Out?

Tonight I attended the Team in Training Fall Season Sendoff for Chicago and Nike marathoners. We received our race weekend packets, which include detailed instructions on where to be and when, as well as the fabulous Barney-purple TNT singlet (a version of which I can be seen modeling in this unflattering post-triathlon photo. Ramon asked repeatedly who was freaking out, and I realized that while I kind of am (see: Nerves), I also feel really ready to do this thing! He also promised us that after a full 5 months of behaving at practice, we'd have plenty of opportunity to misbehave after the marathon. Coach Lisa pointed out that we'll probably have some new aches and pains this week and next, and that that's nothing to worry about. She observed that running has probably become a kind of therapy in our lives, and during tapering our bodies (and minds) are adjusting to not having that as much.

Only 12 more sleeps until I wake up and run a marathon! Yeah, I'm definitely freaking out.

(At right: But I look ready, right?)

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