Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pancakes and Bacon

This morning, fueled by my usual Clif bar and coffee, I headed to Central Park for the NYC Marathon Tune-Up, an 18 mile run consisting of 3 loops of Central Park. At the advice of several people, including Coach Lisa, I'd planned to run only 12 of the 18 miles. OK, I confess, I was having a really good day and a really good run, so I did the whole thing. I took it really easy on the last loop, and having a bit of soreness in my left ankle/shin, even walked for a few minutes in the last 2 miles. However, I'm proud to say that I ran up all the hills (the last time going up Cat Hill - 1/4 mile with an average 3.7% grade - was tough), finished in 3:11:27 with an average pace/mile of 10:38, and feel super extra ready for my first marathon in just 2 weeks!

My Splits:

MileMiles 1-6Miles 7-12Miles 13-18
(Since the run was made up of 3 loops, miles 1, 7, and 13 had the same profile, as did miles 2, 8, and 14, etc. Reading from left to right, the table shows how my time for the same mile the 2nd and 3rd time around changed. Reading down the columns shows my consecutive splits. I had a lot of time to think about how to display this information while I was running!)

After the run, I came home and made pancakes and bacon. Neither have ever tasted so good.

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