Monday, October 16, 2006

Team Langenberg

Waterloo, Ontario Team Langenberg had a pretty OK finish in yesterday's 10th Annual Oktoberfest 10k Run through the streets of Uptown Waterloo. The weather was a crisp 8 degrees Celsius, which Ms. Gutenberg commented might have hurt the couple. "It's freaking freezing out here," she stated. Mr. Langendoen, however, seemed pleased with the results. "Wunderbar!" he exclaimed as they crossed the finish line.

The couple had prepared for the gruelling race by carbo-loading at Altes Muchen Haus on Friday night, where they were also treated to a very special concert. Mr. Langendoen was fortunate enough to meet Canada's Polka King, (and even had his new Oktoberfest hat signed by the Grammy-award winner).

Following Sunday's race, Ms. Gutenberg and Mr. Langendoen enjoyed a delicious meal, surrounded by family and friends.

The pleasant young couple returned to their home in Brooklyn on Sunday night. "Next year we'll be more prepared," vowed Ms. Gutenberg. "We're going to start training next month!"

"Wunderbar!" said Mr. Langendoen.

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