Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The other day I was reading an article about being a spectator for the NYC Marathon, and the author mentioned that she liked to be at the Mile 25 marker to cheer the runners into the finish. When I read that - the Mile 25 marker - my stomach did a total flip-flop. Ack! I'm actually going to run far enough to *see* a Mile 25 marker! That is just insane. It was crazy enough seeing the markers on Saturday go up to Mile 17, but Mile 25?

Speaking of the NYC Marathon, after Sunday's race I need to run 4 more qualifying NYRR races for guaranteed entry to next year's marathon. I'm seriously considering it. Ack again!

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Chad R West said...

What are you nuts?! You must love pain.

I know I've been known to log 100+ miles at a time on a bike, but a bunch of that gravity's working for ya.

Running just SUCKS, you never get to rest...