Sunday, December 24, 2006

Black Christmas

A couple of caveats about today's post:

1. I've been in Waterloo for the past 3 days and the intarweb is a little hard to find in these parts. Seriously, I'm typing this entry on an iBook that's about 8 years old with a dial-up connection. (Sirrah! proudly told me yesterday that she'd ordered part of my Christmas gift from the internets. Then she said that actually she'd had Gregoire order it from work because their connection at home isn't secure. Aw.)

2. I've been drinking some wine. Probably more than half a bottle.

OK, on to your regularly scheduled programming. I have good things in store for you, Gentle Reader. The week in the Loo so far has been rather eventful, with Bartleby (Sirrah! and Gregoire's Labradoodle Extraordinaire) and Charlie (their in-utero baby who I've now felt kicking twice!). Yesterday involved some maternity shopping in which I tried on a faux-bump pillow (I'm going to be a supercute pregnant lady) and in which I cracked wise about a vibrating toy ("I have those, but mine aren't shaped like little lions."). Today I had a visit to Sunny's storage space to clear out a "few" (read: 15) boxes of my stuff that actually amounts to my entire high school memorabilia (totally kickass rocker picture of me to be posted next week when I have access to a scanner - I looked like Kim Mitchell for a while there) and, the highlight: My ABBA records. Awesome.

Anyway. As per usual chez Dr. Sirrah!'s, we like to watch a movie. We thought a seasonal film might be in order, but Sirrah!'s choice, "One Magic Christmas," wasn't available, so we opted for the Canadian horror classic (and recently remade) Black Christmas ("If it doesn't make your skin crawl, then it's on too tight!") starring, among others, Margot Kidder (of "Superman" - and her affair with Prime Minister Trudeau - fame). Incidentally, Canada has quite a good selection of horror films. Last year at Hallowe'en DLang and I found Ginger Snaps (Tagline: They Don't Call It The Curse For Nothing) at our local video store and were not disappointed. Hot redhead goes all werewolf. I recommend it. And then of course there's our very own David Cronenberg - Crash is one of the hottest thrillers I've ever seen, but I digress. And Sirrah! is yelling "The Changling, Gill!" at me as I write this, so check that out, too.

"Black Christmas" is the story of a sorority house terrorized by prank phone calls ("It's the moaner again!") and eventually, murder. [Gregoire just told me that because of their primative internet connection, as long as I'm writing this we can't use the microwave. Heh.] So yeah, if you like a good holiday horror flick (and really, who doesn't) this is a great pick. There are some good Canadian accents (although it seems to claim to be set in the US of A, as represented by the American flag on one of the detective's desks). There's good suspense. And you can enjoy this movie without having to endure Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer") or Lacey Chabert (of "Party of Five" fame), both of whom appear in the remake (and are really, really annoying).

I have to go because Gregoire wants to logon to his gaming newsgroup to write about our earlier game of Poison, of which The Wife (Sirrah!) won two games in a row. Tomorrow we're driving to Buffalo for the Bills-Titans game, and then we'll be back in the evening for The Box and hopefully a viewing of The Sound of Music. I bought extra Kleenex for the occasion.


Lisa said...

Yo just sneak onto UW campus- we blanketed a while ago! Also I personally know the girl who is in Gingersnaps 2 (I believe she plays a character named Ghost). Like shes on my msn, even.
Have a good time in the mother land!

Brianna said...

Yesterday on the news I saw some people whining about banning this movie because it's antithetical to the spirit of Christmas. Clearly these people have never had to interact with sorority girls else they'd know that watching some of them get killed is something Jesus would have loved.

also: I miss you, I'm jealous of you having friend your age in your parent's town :)