Friday, December 01, 2006

The Blogging Fun Continues!

Welcome to December! Friends in NY - you might think it's actually late-April from the weather (the flowers on my block certainly do, as they continue to bloom rather enthusiastically), but no, here we are, only 24 short days until Christmas. W00t!

Though the end of November means that NaBloPloMo is over, Holidailies is just beginning, and I've signed up as a Portal Participant. That means if you look at the Holidailies site, you'll see Ultra Fine Flair listed along the left side, which also means that Blogger better watch out, because traffic to UFF is going to SKYROCKET!

And you guys can say you knew me way back when.


Anonymous said...

We're completely snowed in, it should be hitting you guys tomorrow.

The image of that cake is now burned on to my retinas... Seriously, corn nuts?

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that corn doesn't have nuts. Wait, never mind. That's chickens and balls.