Sunday, May 13, 2007

Goals: Week 2

The results are in - I completed 4 of last week's 10 goals, and partially completed 2 others (I brought lunch to work twice, and ran 8 miles).

Training Update:

Our first Group Training Session (GTS) was yesterday morning. I stuck with the intermediate/advanced group, and we ran about 4 miles with a few stops for cross training (things like squats & lunges) along the way. This morning I ran the New York Junior League's Mother's Day 4M, and finished in 41:18 (a 10:19 mile) - not bad considering how out-of-shape I feel! This evening my muscles are satisfyingly sore, and I'm excited that training has resumed.

Goals for Week of May 14:

NOT DONE 1. Finish mix CD for Bri & Ali.

DONE 2. Brush Memphis.

DONE 3. Run 10 miles.

NOT DONE 4. Write a letter.

NOT DONE 5. Do not spend money on food for at least 3 days.

NOT DONE 6. Do yoga at least once.

NOT DONE 7. Clean the bathroom of the BP.


Anonymous said...

I don't see the point of brushing my cat. When I do, the fur won't stop coming out. Based on this, I believe the fur to be infinite and therefore brushing it to be a waste of time (i.e., something that can never be completed so why bother).

kajal said...

So I really like this goals thing you have going. Well, except for that it makes me feel like a lazy loser. It's a conundrum -- I can publicize my goals and then also publicize my laziness by accomplishing 0/10 (current success rate), or I can use the publishing as a motivating mechanism. Anyway, good for you for what you've done!!