Friday, March 20, 2009

La Cucaracha

Setting: Last night, after a few beers, Ken & I are lounging on the bed, philosophizing. I look up at the loft and notice a large black bug flutter and settle on the railing.

G: There's a big bug up there.
K: Where?
G: Second railing. It's crawling up.
K: Oh. Oh, yeah. Oh god! It's big.
G: Yeah. Now it's on the top of the railing.
K: Oh god. I think it's getting bigger.
G: It's looking at us.
K: I can see its antennae. I can see its antennae moving from all the way over here.
G: Can you please go kill it?
K: I don't like it. Remember how I was calm about the other ones? I don't like that one.
G: Please? You're the boy.
K: Stupid penis.

Armed with a glass and a paper towel, he climbed the ladder to the loft.

K [looking at the gigantic bug]: We shall call it "El Grande."
G: Oh god, can you get it?
K: Oh. It's fast.
G: Please tell me you can get it.
K: I lost it.

Apparently El Grande figured out that he was being hunted and scurried off. This story does have a happy ending, as later on Ken trapped El Grande under a glass and released him into the night. Unfortunately he landed on the wall right next to our kitchen window. We closed the window and are hoping that El Jefe doesn't show up to avenge him.

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