Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fruit of the Day: Romã

The romã is the first FotD purchased here in Brasília. You might recognize it as a pomegranate.

I remember the first time I tried pomegranate seeds. I was at a restaurant in San Mateo, California, and I'd ordered butternut squash soup. It came garnished with crème fraîche and pomegranate seeds. I'd never seen anything like them before! The seeds are about the size of kernels of corn. They have yellowish centers and I've seen them range from pink to dark red on the outside of the seed (I suspect they darken, and sweeten, as they ripen). The ones I bought here weren't quite ripe, and the seeds taste tart and are still a little too crunchy inside. Fortunately I know how great pomegranate seeds can be, or I might dismiss this fruit like I did yesterday's sapoti, which according to more knowledgeable sources actually are delicious when they're ripe.
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kfinnefrock said...

You going to compile all of this fruit knowledge into a coffee table book? If so, I'll come and gush at your book signing :)

MoM said...

Splendid idea. Your photographs are so absolutely amazing--as are you literary talents. Truly look forward to the daily fruit!