Friday, March 30, 2007

Book Networks

As you can probably imagine, social networking is more fun with friends!

I'm trying to figure out which booklist site to use. The contenders so far:


So far from my limited usage, I'm kind of a fan of Shelfari (Goodreads keeps giving me errors when I try to view friends' profiles; LibraryThing wants me to pay to use it, and I'm cheap).

Anyone use any of these? Post a comment if you have any suggestions. has so far overlooked a real opportunity here, to provide Web 2.0 networking à la Netflix.


Otis said...

Hi Gillian,

Goodreads guy here. We're horribly sorry you experienced an error on our site, and will be happy to look into it if you provide us the profile that had the error.



Lisa said...

Cool idea! I just got an account. I am: lfar

Gillian said...

Hey Otis - it looks like the path is wrong when you view a friend of a friend.

For example: I clicked my friend Jillian, and can then see her friends. When I click my own name in that list, the link is to{id}, which gives an error (File not found - We couldn't find the file you requested. Please check the url and try again.).

It looks like the link should be .../user/show/{id} (when I edit the URL to be that path, it shows me the profile page that I was expecting).

HBY said...

I believe Shelfari is affiliated (or a co-venture) with Amazon...

Anonymous said...

I use LIbraryThing and I love it. I paid for the lifetime account about a year ago and I still use it regularly. I'm a little obsessed with my books, though, so who knows! If you're curious, my user name is Wuzzlicious there.