Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I was reviewed by Sexy Simone over at So Many Blogs, So Little Time and the review isn't - how shall I put this - good. Apparently my blog is too white and fluffy. Perhaps I should rename it Snowball! Or just call it Marshmallow Fluff. I love that stuff. It was also apparently a strike against me that I have so few comments - so, Dear Reader, comment now and often! In return, I will try to redesign the layout at some point. But you're stuck with the fluff.


Brianna said...

wow, it is not my biggest nightmare to be reviewed by this blog.

Brianna said...

"NOW my biggest nightmare" -- not "not my biggest nightmare"

-- she who cannot type.

Gillian said...

Your typo is my extra comment. W00t!

And, you have to actually request a review. Which I did, after your friend Mike had his review. So I blame him, and in turn, you, for this blow to my self-esteem.

Anonymous said...

What the hell? What kind of drive-by mean-spirited crap is that?

Bill C said...

Y'know, I kind of disagree with the part about comments = depth, or lack of same. I see lots of way-fluffy weblog posts with dozens of comments, and well-written deep posts with few to none. If readers are inclined to comment, you get comments.

The tricky part is getting readers. That's one of the benefits of a Review; I read the review and came to see for myself. Sometimes I agree with the ladies, other times not so much; this is one of the latter.

Anyone who knows about Pi Day *and* makes something edible *and* labels it with 'π' - well. That adds 5 to your score on my scale, and I haven't even looked around yet.

Also I happen to like white-back templates; good contrast means easy reading.

That's the view from where I sit; your monkeys may vary.

Lisa said...

Rats, I just changed my layout and now its very white! Is white out, guys?
Also I kind of want to be reviewed by them... only I think I'll post a couple good posts first (put up a fake front).
Also Also, your blog is in my top 3 in the entire world! (Sorry, but dooce entirely takes the cake and Laura and I have the same parents)

amy said...

hmmm... I kind of like the white. But then, I'm hopelessly out of fashion, and usually just choose one of the templates anyway.

Our Heads Are Helmets said...

Being white and fluffy is part of what makes you, you! Only I don't see it as white and fluffy - I see it as full of sunshine and some kind of furry awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

How did they pick you for a review?

Anonymous said...

Also, I don't much read comments, so they can suck eggs. And how deep are that blog-reviewing blog's comments? Meniscusly shallow and content free, I assure you.

HBY said...

I feel compelled to step into the fray, not just because of my bonds of marriage, but because I can't find a consistent theme in the critique when compared against other sites.

One of her "10" rated sites (He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not) is ALMOST as white... but the big difference is that there is a vertigo-inducing pattern of daisies on the sides that make it almost impossible to focus on the text (or maybe I'm just old enough that my eyes can no longer multitask).

And the beloved Hollywood Flake is a study in beige. Great stuff!

While admittedly biased, UFF is a 10 in my book (and I LOVE the changing tagline...)

Agent DLang