Thursday, March 01, 2007

Shots on Goal

On the weekend, I had an interesting convo with my mom about goals. She said she hates goals. I was surprised, since I think setting goals is really effective. I mentioned Robyn's comment that "Planning is priceless. Plans are useless" and that I thought plans were different from goals - but I couldn't really articulate why. provides us the following definitions:

goal: the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

plan: a specific project or definite purpose: plans for the future.
It would seem, then, that a plan could conceivably be a way of achieving a goal.

Anyway. I've been intermittently updating my page on 43 Things and I'm trying to choose goals that I can actually achieve. As I write this, one of my goals is "Live with integrity" - which is incredibly important, but kind of hard to check off the list. It's still a good reminder for me to see it listed as something I want to do in my life.

Last month I flossed every day!

This month, in an effort to be healthier and also to save my hard-earned dollahs, I'm going to bring my lunch to work 3 times per week (M, T, Th). Updates to follow.

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