Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Home Is Where The Cat Is

The travel saga continued yesterday afternoon when I learned that I'd saved myself $6 when I bought my ticket by checking a box that prohibited me from making any changes or cancellations to the reservations. How frugal. Since buying a one-way ticket back to NY for Tuesday was going to run me around $500, I decided to chance getting my visa renewed with faxed documents. To improve my odds, I swung by the university this morning to get an official copy of my transcript. The woman at the registrar's office hooked me up in about 10 minutes, bless her. DLang faxed my diploma and employment letter to Sirrah!'s office, and I swung by and picked them up on my way out of town.

Two hours and $50 later, I was through both customs and immigration. And tonight in Park Slope, DLang has received his token of gratitude (a snack pack of chocolate TimBits) and Memphis is curled up in my lap.

I'm glad to be back.

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