Friday, March 09, 2007


In my brain this week:

Mark Morford thinks innocence is overrated (and I have to agree):

Drama is what we are designed for. Emotional (and physical, and spiritual) scarring and discoloration is, in a way, what we do. Our spirits are, after all, here to experience and taste and immerse in it all.
Mark Morford (yes, again) on change:
Here's the trick: Those things that you feel most terrified about releasing, that seem to contain your entire identity and without which you wouldn't fully recognize yourself, well, maybe they should be the first things to feel the razor: jobs, cars, hair, photographs, bedsheets, houses, ideologies, religions. To what do you cling? What holds all your fear of change?
Also from the Left Coast, San Francisco considers banning plastic grocery bags, giving us all another reason to be hopeful in this crazy world. (link via Slashfood)

I love New York.

And finally, in less than 30 seconds this video will make you laugh:

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Anonymous said...

Here's another link to make the SacBee site less annoying.

Also, plastic grocery bags are for containing poohed-up baby diapers and are invaluable to have!