Monday, April 09, 2007

Canadianisms Part 3

Icing vs. Frosting: As Little Lisa pointed out in her comment on yesterday's entry, in Canada it's called "icing." In the US of A, it's more commonly referred to as "frosting." These are pretty interchangeable and nothing really gets lost in translation - until, of course, you're trying to *make* frosting/icing, in which case you need something called "powdered sugar" aka "confectioner's sugar" aka, in Canada (and apparently the rest of the Commonwealth) "icing sugar." It's our turn to be literal on this one.

Also, while looking for a colouring implement to make my bunny cake's sweet pink ears, I found a pack of Laurentien pencil crayons (from Canada), and was surprised to see the package labeled "colored pencils." Interestingly, they refer to "pencil crayons" on the main page of the site, and have a whole explanation of "The Making of a Pencil Crayon". Why the discrepancy? Also of interest, according to the history on the company's Web site, Laurentien spelled "colored" on the package without a "u" until the latest redesign in 2003.

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