Saturday, April 07, 2007

Stuffed Bunnies

Easter was a big deal in my house. The Easter Bunny was always very generous, to the point where I'm kind of surprised that I didn't have any cavities until I was in my 20s (at which point the decay hit with a vengeance, but the 11-fillings-in-one-day story is another entry).

When Dos and I ran downstairs on Easter morning, in addition to an abundance of chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, we found a big stuffed bunny in the middle of the table, lording over the sugary treats. He was brown, and had kind of coarse fur, and soft white inside ears. We loved that bunny. We dragged him around and fought over him and took turns sleeping with him. A few days -- maybe a week -- after Easter, whoever had taken him to bed the night before would wake up to find that he'd disappeared. He always returned the following year.

I don't think he ever really had a name other than "The Easter Bunny," and I'm pretty sure my mom still has him around. I don't know where or how that tradition originated, but it's one I plan to carry on to my own family.

Also on the topic of stuffed bunnies, when I was 7 or 8 I wandered downstairs on Easter Eve around midnight, to find our kitchen in a complete state of assembly as my parents put the finishing touches on the most amazing sewn stuffed bunnies EVER. There was one for each of us, and they had baby bunnies too. Quite remarkable.

This year, I'm crocheting my first amigurumi, a very sweet bunny.

Easter weekend continues tomorrow on UFF with instructions to make your very own easter bunny cake!

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