Tuesday, April 17, 2007


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After work this afternoon I took Jasper for a walk. Jasper's mom sent me email earlier today with very specific instructions about our outing.

"In the light blue Adidas bag hanging on the front closet door, you will find plastic bags and a round, red squeaky ball with feet. Jasper is obsessed with the squeaky ball and if he sees you put it in your pocket, he will stay by your side until you get to the dog park. Generally I only get one chance to throw it because he will not bring it back. But it keeps him from stealing other dogs' balls. You can wrestle it from him to throw it again if you want. The only downside of the squeaky toy (other than it is annoying) is that he is less likely to come back when called when he has it because he thinks you want to steal it."

Later in the email:

"This shouldn't be a problem today because the weather isn't nice, but if there are people at the Nethermead with strollers that are not moving, or anything on the ground (jacket or backpack are favorites), Jasper will pee on them."

Jasper does indeed LOVE the red ball (I tried to get some video of him shaking the bejeesus out of it, I'll link to it if it turned out). There were no strollers, jackets, or backpacks, but I'm pretty sure Jasper peed around 40 times in the 45 minutes we were out there.

[This post is also to prove to my brother that email blogging works, so if you're reading this, yay me!]


kajal said...

i love this dog

Unknown said...

I love this dog too. And this dog used to love me. But since a charming red head came in to walk him yesterday, he just sits by the door waiting for it to open. Wait, he is coming over here for the first time...and trying to lick the computer screen with her photo. *sigh*