Sunday, April 29, 2007

Notes On The Bean

- Some people make good coffee. Some people (like me) don't. Because of my fear of making coffee that is too weak, I usually make coffee that is too strong. DLang makes good coffee. Sara says her dad makes good coffee. The good vs. bad coffee-making is mysterious to me, because it's just a proportion of water to coffee, kind of like baking, which I'm good at!

- In Canada, ordering your coffee "regular" means with cream and sugar. "Double-double" means double-cream and double-sugar.

- Some Starbucks call skim milk "skim," others call it "non-fat." I think it's regional, and I was surprised to hear it called "non-fat" here in Waterloo (because I've always referred to it as "skim").

- Yesterday morning I made coffee and didn't close the lid on the coffee pot properly before I started the machine. When I got out of the shower the entire counter was covered in coffee. Oops.


Chad R West said...

According to Peets, which is some of the best mass produced coffee around, the temperature of the H2O is also very important. I claim you must start off by grinding your own beans.

Now, if you find yourself scooping the grinds out of a large blue tin with a name on it that start with Max, then you might as well put that directly into the trash bin. I don't care what their commercials claim, it's not even good at the first drop!

Becca & Brian said...

In South Africa, they call it skinny milk, which is kind of a nice average of the other two terms.