Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter Week

Here's something to get you in the spirit: Daily Bunny.

The Guinea Pig at the bottom of that page reminds me... For a week a couple of summers ago, our downstairs neighbours were looking after a classroom Guinea Pig named Crystal. We wondered, could there be a more perfect name for a Guinea Pig? Recently I noticed a sign in my neighbourhood advertising a couple of Guinea Pigs up for adoption. Their names? "Peanut," and, the unprecedentedly sweet, "Dimmy."

Dimmy the Guinea Pig. That's some cute shit, yo.

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HBY said...

For me these are the 3 Ultimate Guinea Pig Names. If I could pass such a law, all guinea pigs would be required to fit within these naming constraints. However, being open minded, I'd like to know if any other readers can think of a guinea pig name in any way superior, and, if so, which name do you knock from this triumvirate.