Sunday, April 22, 2007


Charlie was born yesterday at 6:38 p.m., weighing in at a rather hefty 8lbs 7oz (I only say hefty because Sirrah! barely looked 8 months pregnant at the very end). The Amazing Race was a huge success - I arrived at the hospital just as Sirrah! was fully dilated and a few minutes before she started to push. She was a total rockstar, managing to not only stay pleasant, but look absolutely beautiful through the whole 16 hrs of labour. Charlie is incredibly sweet, with a mop of dark brown hair not unlike his papa's bedhead. Everyone is super healthy, and the whole family will be home later today.

I paparazzied it up with Greg's camera - pictures later. Right now I need a shower and a nap.


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful! I just logged on to see if Charlie was here and if you made it to the hospital. Congratulations to everyone!

Anonymous said...

How come the first thing we say about a newborn is its weight? Doesn't that seem a tad superficial of us?

There must be some other stat that we can provide, something more reflective of his or her distinctive personality... anyone?

Gillian said...

I think in Sara's case the weight is kind of remarkable because she'd only gained about 20lbs! That bump was all baby!