Thursday, April 19, 2007


I'm kind of enamoured with Facebook right now. I've had an account on there for a while, but for the first several months my only friends were co-op students working at my company (and my mom, but let's not talk about that), which I'm sure made my profile look like I was some kind of internet predator. However, in the past month or two I've discovered that many of the people with whom I went to high school are on Facebook. Some of them have even joined the prestigious ranks of people who read UFF! Congratulations. You know who you are.

Anyway. Since reconnecting with several St. David Catholic Secondary School alum, conversations with Dos have gone like this:

Gillian: Hey! Do you remember Guy From High School?
Dos: Yes.
Gillian: Was he in your grade?
Dos: Yes.
Gillian: He's on Facebook!
Dos: I know. We're not friends.
Gillian: But you know him, right?
Dos: Yes.

The next day:
Gillian: Do you remember GFHS?
Dos: Yes! You asked me this yesterday.
Gillian: Oh. Well, I just can't believe all these people are on here! This is crazy!
Dos: I don't even know those people. I haven't talked to them in over 10 years.
Gillian: OK. Just because I added them as "friends" on Facebook does not mean that they're all coming over for dinner or something. Geez.

As for Facebook itself, I'm not sure what's up with the whole Groups thing - it seems marginally useful for finding people from a particular area, but there are approx. 63,000 groups, so I don't know how you even find the one you want. I think the concept of "poking" someone is weird, but that's probably because I'm over 30 and I only sent my first text message last year. And I can't figure out how to write on someone's wall if he or she hasn't already written on mine. Finally, and somewhat hilariously, tonight when I tried a search I received the following error:

Note to friends from high school: You're invited over for dinner next time you're in NYC. Just don't tell Garth.


Lisa said...

I love this post!
Groups are one of these two: hilariously titled, or actual places for people to discuss a topic. For example I am in a Jim Halpert group where everybody posts hunky pictures of John Krasinski. Hawt.
Facebook is the handiest!

Brianna said...

I am resisting this foolishness (at least until I'm hard up for blog fodder) I suspect it's myspace without the glitter -- which, while clear a huge improvement, doesn't sound useful for much other than spying.

and I back your bro: I'm not friends with these people.

Anonymous said...

I am apparently too old even for facebook. My address book only matches you, Wasi, and two of my son's babysitters.

Anonymous said...

Story about being old, my son's regular babysitter was telling me about a site where you can find out what movies an actor has been in. I asked "You mean like the Internet Movie Database"? and she responded, clearly amazed "You know about imdb?"

Anonymous said...

Your classmates are obviously much cooler than mine... searching Facebook for my various schools resulted in about 2 matches.

I'm guessing that most of my former classmates don't have time for the internet... they're working on their demolition derby cars and making babies.

themikestand said...

Yes, Brianna, it is myspace without the glitter. What more do you want?

Also, I had to drop out of the I AM CANADIAN group because the discussion turned into a racist rantfest over immigration. Yuck.

Glad you found me there, though.