Friday, April 20, 2007

More on Facebook

Garth: What's up?
Gillian: I wanted to tell you about someone else on Facebook.
Gillian: :-)
Garth: oh goody (read your facebook blog post btw)
Gillian: :-)
Gillian: Guy From Elementary School!
Garth: ya, D told me. 2 kids. teacher. yada yada
Gillian: :-|
Gillian: I hate you.
Garth: :) i know
Gillian: I'm going to blog this chat.
Garth: i'm gonna have to find new IM software for talking to you on that encrypts the channel and disallows logging/copying. and expires my words moments after i say them so that they vanish from the screen.
Gillian: That'll be too late for this one!

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