Wednesday, April 18, 2007


1. The cats have been playing together! The last two evenings have seen a lot of running back and forth across the apartment. However, they are still far from being best buds. Memphis now tolerates Percy sleeping on the bed, but if he gets anywhere near her food bowl, God help him.

2. Due to the success of my email-a-photo post yesterday, my brother has joined the 21st century and started his very own blog, on which you can read about his life. What are Guinness and things that use Bluetooth, Alex?

3. Charlie is still in utero. Since I don't have to be reasonable, I decided to make the trip Amazing Race-style and head straight for the airport when Sirrah! calls me. Updates will be posted on UFF. For best results, check back early and often.


Anonymous said...

First babies on average are born a week after the due date. That's just an average, not a prediction =)

I agree with DLang that now is not the time to start being reasonable...

Garth said...

You spelled Guinness wrong. Though apparently they even own the domain for the wrong spelling. Kudos Guinness.

And thanks for the free publicity. I feel like such a blogowhore. Adding "blog" to the beginning of words is fun.

Gillian said...

It is perfect that you corrected the spelling of "Guinness," Dos. Perfect.